Show file transfer speed using caja

Hi guys!

Sometimes transferring big files using caja I think I have seen the transfer window showing me the transfer speed (MB/sec). But usually it doesn’t show me that.

Is there a way to enable this ?

I have tried googling and also looking through preferences in caja with no luck.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @jorgenask, I think it depends how big and/or slow the file transfer will be.

For example, drag a link to a file from a browser onto Caja for what I think is a great feature. Here’s some files I get regularly.

The site isn’t very fast so it usually shows the transfer dialog.

EDIT: ooops, no speed, just a progress bar. Sorry about that.

Yeah it seemes to only show the speed and eta for transfers taking more than a certain amount of time … not sure but wild guess 20-30 seconds … or it could be based on ammount of data being transferred … who knows

You’re right. I just measured 16 seconds on a huge local file. A time estimate gets more accurate with time so it may be waiting for the value to stabilize. Then speed and ETA come up at the same time.