Smb:/// no win shares showing

its been many years since smb:/// showed any win xp to win 10 shares in caja -thunar -nautilus
i found a 100 fix's for this ....... but none that works
how do i make win shares show up in ether network:/// or smb:///

It was ages ago, since I used it, but first I would check if I could see anything of smb on network.
In a terminal:

smbclient -L hostname <- shows shares of a host
nmblookup -S '*' <- shows SMBServers' NetBios names around you, or IP address if you omit "-S".


this should be incorporated into caja "network" smb 1-2-3
another thing in caja is when opening my 8tb drive it takes forever to get directory
also looks at sub directory's as if its looking at every inode on drive
i finally get to the file i wanted work it then hit the "back" button
again a incredibly long wait before seeing directory
it should look at only first level directory folders and files
i have installed Thunar it gets directory almost as fast as XP within 2secs i have first level directory
Thunar does not fully integrate into mate i cant copy from desktop to Thunar i must access desktop
from within Thunar as well as other resources
a small price to pay for its speed
caja should get directory in the same way and find everything on network
some corporations still have win2000 running to run custom software that wont work in later versions
on my network i have 1 win98 computer for same reason
the workaround is using "angry ip scanner" however it finds the network resources should be put in caja