So... what happened to the SRU plans for 18.04?


I was very happy when it was announced that the 18.10 development cycle was going to be used to focus on bugfixes and have them SRU-ed to 18.04 LTS.
Unfortunately as far as the MATE desktop packages for 18.04 are concerned, they haven't changed since April 2018.
Could @Wimpy or someone else maybe chime in whether or not we're going to see updated packages for 18.04?


most of the patches from newer releases are "rolled back"
with apt-get update/upgrade
Which bugs are you mentioning ?


One thing I remember off the top of my head were incorrect dock icons for several applications (like DXX Rebirth and Asunder), which were fixed in the updated Dock applet for 18.10.


Martin had been very quiet, but recently has popped up on the UM developers' Slack. He also sent a message to Patreon patrons that he will post some updates soon on the patrons' Telegram.


18.04.02 is released have you "tested the new bugs" in it ?