Softpedia: "Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS Beta 1 Launches with Unity Look-Alike Layout, More"

Lookin’ Good! :grinning:

“Ubuntu MATE is fortunate to have a small group of technically outstanding individuals who are passionate about delivering the best desktop user experience.” said Martin Wimpress for Softpedia.


I agree! 16.04 is extremely nice!


It took me a while to figure things out, but I really like Munity. I normally used Cupertino, but I think Munity will be my default.

Hi @verndog,

If you would, please tell me why you are starting to prefer Mutiny over Cupertino? :grinning:

I will, eventually, have time to thoroughly try out this new panel layout/theme, but, in the mean time; I wanted to know what, other than being fresh and novel, does Mutiny yield versus Cupertino?

I am well versed on official Unity, having used it, and I like it okay, functionally; but the ‘Appleness’ of Cupertino is exquisite.

I was, particularly, glad that someone who has been using Cupertino - like myself - chimed in on this article.

Thanks! :smile:

It appears to respond better - the unity part, but that can’t be true. I prefer the layout of unity a tad bit better than Cupertino. “Attaching” things to unity’s bar took some time to figure out.

I do like Cupertino, its the best Apple look alike that I have come across. Then unity layout on my system is much cleaner.

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