[SOLVED] 22.04 Connect DVR via Ethernet Cable to use Laptop WIFI Internet

Edit: Question no longer applies

Am looking at replacement DVR (Tablo Quad HDMI) and it needs to connect for initial setup and possibly if wanted program updates. Has either ethernet or wifi connection capability.
Found four options so far.

  1. Built in WIFI but data cap plan and no switch to turn off WIFI
    (workaround set hotspot to 1 connection which laptop is using)
    Doable but clunky.

  2. Possibly a WIFI bridge which connects to my WIFI hotspot. Then the DVR is plugged into it and would be able to limit access to hotspot by switching bridge off. (Around $45)

  3. Saw some Ethernet to USB 3.0 adapters on Amazon
    (Around $15) Claims that they work

  4. There is a Ethernet port on back of laptop Dell 15-7510.

Question: 4.
Don't understand Ethernet, is the port on back (term?) out only to a say cable internet router or can it be used as in (term?)?

Can't seem to find information that I can understand on web.
Never used Ethernet, had two laptops with built in Air Cards and this one with an external hotspot which I can also use with my $3 a month prepaid phone if I did need internet.