[SOLVED]Background Wallpaper not saving

Its weird 'cause today I experienced 3 bugs in a row,and for 2 I couldn’t manage to find a solution over the internet.

And one of them is this one,simple as that.
I download an image,I set it as wallpaper. Its stays there,after each restart/shutdown -> turn on… the wallpaper changes back to the standard one that comes packed with Ubuntu Mate,the default one.

Ubuntu Mate 15.10 / Clean install(and a fresh one too,today I installed it)
:fearful: :cold_sweat:

Solved :
Just move the wallpaper image to /usr/share/backgrounds if you experience the same thing.

For the wallpaper issue, it could be possible that the file is inaccessible at login. For instance, if it’s stored on another partition that isn’t mounted at login.