[SOLVED] Changing user profile picture

OK I’m being dense but I can’t figure out how to change my profile picture. There is no option under user accounts, I can change my name and password but not the picture.

control centre >> about me >> click on picture >> chose new one :relaxed:


@mickey_megabyte you beat to me to it … :grinning:

hahaha so simple, I feel like a idiot now :grin: :monkey_face:

Thank guys.

don’t be too hard on yourself, it does seem odd that you can’t change user pic in ‘users and groups’. that’s the obvious place to look

in fact, the functionality of ‘about me’ should be included in ‘users’, and ‘about me’ got rid of.

maybe :confused:

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it is a little counter intuitive.

Well I’ve only gone a made a quick How To video :wolf: