[SOLVED] Flash plugin and video playback problems

First time i logged in after installation everything worked fine, both youtube videos, other flash videos from web, and videofiles on my pc. I used to hibernate pc, not shut down. But first time i restarted pc - everything crashed (maybe some update has been installed): the playback speed of youtube videos and other flash videos and audios from web is very high, there is no sound in them. Even when i play videos with vlc player i cant hear any sound and speed problem sometime appears. I have ubuntu mate 16.04.3

Any suggestions?


try the following terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) command to see if it fixes the issue:

sudo apt install adobe-flashplugin

restart after running command!. :smiley:

It seems that this doesnt work. Thanks for your answer.

Take a look at the update guide and maybe change your software sources download location and try updating again, it may fix the problem for you?:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide :smiley:

I’ll try this !!!

No result. I’ll try maybe to downgrade flash plugin with synaptic


I just ran Synaptic, searched for ‘adobe flash’, 'pepperflash ’ and removed everything that was installed ( adobe flash plugin, som strange ‘freshplayer pepperflash’, and some other packages ). After that I expected to see “flash plugin missing” instead of videos on webpages, but suddenly… everything just starded working perfectly, as earlier!! )) Crazy linux! Crazy ubuntu! )

I think your browser now using html5 istead of flash. IMO - it’s better choise.

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