[SOLVED] How to change the window-keybindings in Ubuntu MATE 14.04?

Windows keybindings, like move-to-side w, move-to-corner, etc. are disabled in Ubuntu MATE 14.04. But I want to enable them. How do I do that?

If you’re using Compiz as your window manager, you can use the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) to configure key bindings for the window plug-ins.

Bindings for window management can be found in a “Binding” tab inside their respective plug-in (“Grid”, “Place Windows”)

Sorry, I don’t use Compiz, nor I intent to. Thanks though. Possibly any other solution?

Have you looked at keybindings in Dconf-editor? You may need to install it.

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

and it will appear in your menu


I been looking through dconf and not finding anything helpful :frowning:
The only thing I find close to your request is in:

I also couldn't change the keybindings through dconf.

What do you mean? How do I use that to change the keybindings? Could you be more specific? Thanks. :smile:

Sorry, I cannot. I have not used this option.

Another option I have not used is wmctrl.

Thanks. But I think it’s possible to change the keybindings without using any extra utility e.g. wmctrl. Maybe @Wimpy or anyone else could come up with a solution for this?

Instead of global-keybindings, look under window-keybindings.

org > mate > marco > window-keybindings >

The actions you want are there.


@Spyder Yeah, I saw it. But how do I change the value? I tried but failed.

To change the value, just seflect the one to be changed and double click to change to edit mode. A cursor should appear. Type in the key combination of your choice. When done, press Enter. That’s all.

Be sure what you pick doesn’t conflict with some other action.

I tried this earlier, but didn’t work. Can I change the keybindings from terminal? And how do I know the keybinding wouldn’t interfere with another one?

You could be clicking on the ‘Name’ and not the ‘Value’. Clicking on the Name does nothing. After selecting the desired line, click once on the value, and a little edit box appears around it (with the current value automatically selected). Click again in that box to get a cursor. Type the new key combination and hit Enter when done.

As I said, I did it earlier and nothing happened. Like you see in the attached screenshot, I changed move-to-corner-ne keybinding to Ctrl+Alt+J, but nothing happens.
Any other alternative? Maybe using terminal?

Okay, I got them working. It was my fault all along. I tried the changed keybindings on maximized window, and nothing happened. That’s when I figured it wasn’t working.
It’s all solved now. Thanks everyone. :smile:

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