[SOLVED] LiveCD boot failure (Ubuntu Mate 19.04)

I would like to install Ubuntu Mate, however the LiveCD boot always stops at "Failed to enable mouse on isa006/serio1".

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 14 5480 with i7 CPU and NVidia GeForce MX250 graphic card. Other Ubuntus (Ubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu) can boot and be installed without issues.

I would like to test Ubuntu Mate after reading an article on Forbes about how efficient Ubuntu Mate is on laptop.

Just to double check, have you verified the download for data integrity?

It's possible that coincidentally, the Ubuntu MATE installation media is corrupt and has problems loading past the bad data.

Should it actually be a touchpad / software issue, according to this answer, you could try adding a kernel parameter:

After booting the CD and choosing a language, press F6 then ESC to reveal the boot parameters. Try adding this at the end:

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Thank you very much. The psmouse.proto=bare parameter solves the issue. Strange that it happens only with Ubuntu Mate and not with other Ubuntu flavors.