SOLVED: Mate does not boot

installed mate on an acer aspire one laptop along windows 8.1. installer recognized windows and suggested installing alongside it. finished installing successfully.
after restart it goes into windows right away.
any advice?

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if you have UEFI and/or Secure Boot active, it will always override the Ubuntu boot manager (GRUB), you need to check in your BIOS (or whatever its called) and switch them off/change the settings, you basically must make your system bootable:

See also:

I have UEFI, but I followed the instructions and disabled the fast boot.
so it should be possible to load.

is there a specific instruction on what to do when grub still does not load?


go in to BIOS again under UEFI boot options, there should be these options (Or something similar):

    1) Windows Boot Loader
    2) Linux Boot Loader
    3) DVD Device

Change the boot order to Linux.

Where did you install Grub?, did you install it to the normal MBR (/dev/sda in Linux), or did you install it to a different partition like “root”?.

Take a look here also, it is a long read but might well worth your while!:

Hope it helps. :smiley:

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great stuff. that did it. I had run the boot-repair, but it did nothing
and the instructions on the final screen were too vague.
why aren’t your instructions (or sth equivalent )posted anywhere in the
official ubuntu docs??
Happy Easter. Christ is risen :slight_smile:

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Nice one Stephen, please mark it as solved so it will help others with the same problem!. (Edit the topic title with “(SOLVED)”)