[SOLVED] Problem with NZBGet : MATE gets unreactive :-(

Hi there,

As a previous MacUser that got deluded by Apple’s decisions and “downgrades”, I decided to switch to Linux and choose Ubuntu MATE as a distro to install.
After some efforts, I think I got me an environment I can use as a daily driver and I am really happy with it for now…

Nonetheless, I encounter a really small problem, which is kind of specific.

First of all, I have to say that :

  • I run Ubuntu MATE 15.10 ;
  • I upgraded MATE to it’s latest 1.12 version (which might be a cause of the problem). If this is unsupported, please forgive this first post :frowning: ;
  • I run the whole thing on an old MacPro with 2 Hexacore 3Ghz Xeon processors, 40GB of RAM, an old ATI HD5870 GPU and have a bunch of HDD (4) and SSD (4) build in the MacPro.

The problem is caused by NZBGet. Basically, it is a small program that allows you to retrieve files from Usenet/Newsgroups.

As soon as I launch it and download a file, I experience slowdowns in the MATE interface. Double-clicking a folder only opens that folder after 4 or 5 seconds, when it’s instantly opened when NZBGet isn’t running.

This problem is 100% reproduceable and, as soon as I shut down the NZBGet server, interface becomes reactive again.

My questions are :

  • is anyone else facing this problem ?
  • if so, is there a know workaround ?

Of course, I can use Sabnzbd+… but it’s somewhat less convenient fro several reasons : no multicore PAR2 repair ; no uncompressing on the fly ; less clean user interface.



While NZBGet is running, is it consuming the system resources, such as disk i/o ir CPU? MATE System monitor can help identify which processes are claiming the most resources.

If it is NZBGet, better go back to them. Perhaps they have a newer version available (PPA or GitHub) you can try. If it is a MATE component, post details here. The MATE 1.12 repository is supported for 15.10 :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

First of all, thanks for taking time to answer me.

I did as you said and launched System Monitor while NZBGet was downloading.
There’s no sign of unusual activity…
NZBGet takes about 3% of available resources and Caja/MATE about 1-2%.

I have to try several other things with NZBGet, especially to try to give it another “out” directory, as I suspect for some reason, NZBGet doesn’t like to transfer files to a RAID of 2 HDD’s :frowning:

Will keep you posted on this issue…

That being said, it seems I have ran into some other stability issues :frowning:
But after I have made several tries, I will report on them in dedicated posts…
But really hope not to have to : I love Ubuntu Mate :slight_smile:



Replying to myself just to keep you posted…

Problem was probably lying with NZBGet. I took their latest sources and compiled them for my own computer (man, coming from the Mac world, this is pretty new to me !). But it worked quite well :slightly_smiling:

So I replaced the “nzbget” file in the dedicated folder with the one I created (thus, jumping from NZBGet 16.4 to 17.0).

Relaunched several downloads with NZBGet : no more slowdowns in MATE 1.12 :slightly_smiling:


This is now working, so I guess I can consider this as “SOLVED” :slightly_smiling: