[Solved] Two nm-applet launching on login

I’m running Openbox on top of Ubuntu-MATE, using tint2 for a panel and notification area.

After I log in with the Openbox session at the login screen, two copies of nm-applet are present in the notification area. I can kill one copy and everything continues fine, but I’d rather just have one copy of the applet start in the first place.

My Openbox autostart includes the components:

/usr/bin/mate-settings-daemon &
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/polkit-mate/polkit-mate-authentication-agent-1 &
mate-power-manager &
mate-volume-control-applet &

Usually I use Openbox on Fedora 20 and CentOS7, and the same thing works fine there.

How can I have only one instance of nm-applet run when I log in?

Turns out in mate-session-properties there were two copies of the Network item.

I didn’t add the duplicate, it was just there.

Removing one solved this problem.

The is an update coming in a day or two that should address this.

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I ran mate-session-properties and there was only one copy of Network. I had two nm-applet icons show up in the notification area. When I removed the one in mate-session-properties the notification area went back to one nm-applet icon. I’m running mate in Debian Jessie and just switched to KDM from LightDM. Thanks for a way to eliminate the one.