Some RTL Issues that i have Discovered/'Welcome' Isn't RTL Compliant

Thanks a Lot! To your question About the Image, It Looks Great but as i mentioned earlier the Social Media Buttons need to be at the right and the close button and box mark should be at the Left. Other than that it looks Great! (also Its funny seeing the New translations on 16.04)
EDIT: i noticed that the "Ubuntu MATE" name is flipped instead it shows as "MATE UBUNTU" in your picture.

About the Split tags. Yes that has made it a challenge to translate. Not just in terms of Grammar rules and so forth. but its also about Context. Often i find myself questioning a certain word and it's position and it's context. but over time i fixed some the mistakes made.

I really Appreciate your answer and Hope that the issue will be Resolved soon, Until then i'll Keep Making Translations for the 'Welcome' Program. And once that is done. i'll take a much active part in Translating the MATE desktop aswell! (also is the Installation setup part of regular Ubuntu Or MATE? Since the Translation there is Horrible they turned "copying files..." in to "files being copied..." how unfortunate!)

So I guess RTL is like a mirror, instead of starting from the left, everything starts from the right, no exceptions. I'll bear this in mind when I get round to Welcome 2.0 (it will be months before this is ready). How the styling is put together (like the Ubuntu MATE logo) definitely influences this.

also is the Installation setup part of regular Ubuntu Or MATE?

The installation screens are part of Ubiquity, which is Ubuntu.

MATE desktop is shared by many distros:

Until then i'll Keep Making Translations for the 'Welcome' Program.

The next major version of Welcome will be a disruption to translators, since many strings may need re-translating (as the original text will eventually be merged together), but till then, contributions will be seen by users of today's version when it is synced.... just backwards.

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So if you advice to Wait until welcome 2.0 i am Prepared to wait. Hopefully Translating Becomes Easier in the future. Will Welcome 2.0 Come to RPI Versions of Ubuntu MATE?

Yes, new versions of Welcome and Software Boutique ("2.0") will replace the existing versions when they're ready. Hopefully by the end of 19.10's release. :crossed_fingers:


i am hoping so aswell!

Hey. Thought i'd Check on the Status of this Thread. Has The new versions of Welcome and Software Boutique shipped yet? and Has RTL been implemented to them?

Sorry, the successor 2.0 versions are still not ready! :slightly_frowning_face:

  • Software Boutique 2.0 development has been slow. :snail:
  • Welcome 2.0 has been left on a backburner :fire:
    • Partly because it's going to share code with our new website - that's been my focus lately - the website is coming for 20.04!

With 20.04 being an LTS (3 years), we'll continue to ship the Welcome we know and love today. With that in mind, I'll look into addressing the RTL issues right away.

I'm hoping the split translations of the current code won't pose a problem. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the Reply! The Split Translation Is a bit Problematic. As i would have to readjust the translation according to the Context. And the only way to check my Translation's Correctness is Waiting for the Next Release for when the Translations Apply. I'll admit i have been away aswell for a while. but i decided to Come back to The Ubuntu MATE Project :smiley:

I'll Note that i wouldn't have a problem To start all over With the Translations in the new Version If Of course it does not include the Split strings. As i can always improve my Translations.

If you know How i could preview my translations before they appear per Aprill/October Release so i can see that the formatting is correct Please let me know!

I've added support for RTL and gone through the application so the styling of the interface also reads right-to-left. Please let me know if there's any glaring issues.

To preview your translations under this new code, grab a local copy:

sudo apt install transifex-clent git 
git clone ''
cd ubuntu-mate-welcome-legacy

To download translations straight from Transifex, you'll need to generate an API key here:

To preview:

tx pull -l he_IL               # 'he_IL' being the locale
./ubuntu-mate-welcome -d --locale=he_IL

Unfortunately the main issue is the hardcoded punctuation like full stops (.) and question marks (?) at the end which we can't resolve cleanly until version 2.0. That's our error many years ago as multilingual applications were very new to us.

And thank you for bringing this to attention :slight_smile: Just the other week I've been polishing the old code since this version of Welcome will be hanging around for another 3 years (LTS).

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Oh! Thank you! Ill be Sure to Check that out. Will the Support for RTL Come out with Ubuntu MATE 20.04?

Yes, it'll also roll out to users running 18.04+ as it's a snap package.

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Nice! Great to hear, Thank you.
I'll Bring up any issues if there is to be any.

A slight Question:

Where would the Ubuntu MATE Installer Strings Be Located? So i could Add some Further Translation.
Also While most of the installer Is RTL Pressing the Right Arrow Button makes the Next slide Come from the Left Like it would Normally in English. Essentially if you press the Left Arrow button. the Next slide would come from the right side. as opposed to the Left side.

@lah7 Though Probably Much more Critical! After Putting the Password in this Nice (And full of Hebrew typos) Login screen:

Which After Logging in. Right about when the "Welcome" Program start to Load up:
The OS Crashes And then Goes back to the Login screen. I believe there might be an Issue with your RTL Code. although i noticed that the Title bar and the Window Controls were indeed in the right place right before loading the "Welcome" Text. the OS crashes. (Note: I tested this on 20.04 Daily build)

Right here:

The slide show is actually shared across Ubuntu and its flavours, it would be worth reporting the slide transition as a bug on Launchpad.

Translations for the login screen are here:

Later this week, we should be launching our new website which has a section listing all the programs for translating. I actually missed off Slick Greeter, so thanks for the nudge :slight_smile:

It's definitely not the RTL code since the version in the daily ISO is still the "stable" version of Welcome. The new code is still in "beta" channel of the snap which can be activated with this Terminal command:

snap refresh ubuntu-mate-welcome --channel beta

It is likely that Welcome did crash the system. I haven't been following the bug closely, but it might be due to 3D acceleration in VirtualBox.

FYI i Ran the Test with 3D acceleration off.

It seems i do not have Rights to make Changes but only leave suggestions. I'm assuming it would mean asking for Permission From the Ubuntu Hebrew Team If i wish to make those Changes myself.

Regarding the Login Screen. i Think the issue might Reside in MATE Desktop, as i have seen the very same Typo countless times in MATE's Transifex. Which i Went ahead and fixed. (the Typo was Passwrd instead of Password but in Hebrew)

Other Than that. i Safely assume that the crash is caused by Welcome in 20.04 in all Versions and isn't Caused by the RTL Code then.

This Looks Really Nice! (Aside from the Logo needing to be LTR since its Only English and Numbers)
This is on the Live Test though.
Turning on 3D on Virtualbox. worked fine (installed)in English with no Updates and 3rd party Downloads.
on Hebrew Crashes the OS when Installed Although with Updates and 3rd party.
i'll Be seeing if it crashes with Hebrew with no Updates or 3rd party Downloads.
i'd Like to thank you for your Vast Patience and your Great assistance.

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Glad to hear! I notice the "Close" button is still in English, not sure if it's because it hasn't been translated or if it's the same bug I thought I fixed. :thinking: Will need to investigate.

I'll fix the "MATE ubuntu", it's currently two separate graphics which is why it ended up RTL. Should the "20.04" be on the left or right?

Once fixed, it will automatically be deployed to the beta snap in the background within 24 hours.

It Should be displayed like in the English Version "UbuntuMATE 20.04" Since if theres Only English Letters and Numbers. there is No need for RTL. And so it'd be correct to write it in LTR. Just Top Logo.

As far as i know This is the Only Close button translation.

The title of the program is also named "Welcome" But i can't seem to find a way to make the Title Change to what it is in Hebrew. and judging by all the resources. everything named Just "Welcome" is already Translated.

Both of those issues are fixed. :white_check_mark:

  • Logo enforces LTR.
  • Actually fixed the general locales - like "Welcome" in the title bar and the "Close" button. Turns out I didn't actually fix it properly the first time.

Updates will make their way to you via the beta snap channel in the next 24 hours.

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