Some weird "dock" appeared in startup


Now for some reason (maybe I did something that I dont know :stuck_out_tongue: ) appeared a weird dock in startup ON my panel on bottom of the screen. It had 4 icons, from which I could remove one. It seems to be “Plank”. How do I remove it from coming in startup?

I right clicked and clicked quit. In next login, it comes again.

Hi @johnnyrevival,

open Control Center > Startup Applications and take the tick out of "Plank":

Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately I checked that already and it did not include Plank.

Does it say “Docky” anywhere?. :smiley:

^^ haha no, docky? :smiley:

Did you install any docks by chance?

Also have a look at your home/.config/autostart

I may have added plank when I was trying different things, plank is already part of UM it seems.

v3xx, I will check later.

Ok, I found it out. It was not in /.config/autostart, but I found it in dconf / org / mate / desktop / required-components and in it there is ‘dock’, and value was Plank but I took it off and left empty, restarted and that dock didnt reappear. I do not know how it originally came, because at least from dconf I have not set it. But now its solved.

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