Something similar to Unity's window overview?

I must admit I sometimes miss Unity's window overview since having switched to MATE.

On MATE, I have this:

On Unity, I had that:

Is there any equivalent to this more visual window overview on MATE?

Compiz does that. You just need to enable it

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I just tried and i have this in Compiz (i usually prefer Compton, so this is just quick test)

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I believe compiz also does a window switcher that is just like the screen-shot provided by orschiro.

The first thing to do is to install the following:

sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager

In there the setting to enable, if they are not already enabled are:

"Shift-Switcher" and "Application-Switcher"

See below for where to set them and how they look:

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You are searching for the “Scale” compiz plugin, super-s shortcut by default once enabled.

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Thanks to all!

I should have been more precise, I guess.

I really like the stability and simplicity of Marco and tend to not wanting to use Compiz unless I really have to.

I guess, for Marco there is no such solution?

As far as i searched marco doesn't have such thing. But i am maybe wrong.
Xfce as a good one but more like Marco default. At least, better than Compton :disappointed:

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