Sony models compatibility issues with Linux / Ubuntu OS

Conclusion for Ubuntu on Sony Vaio models
I would not really recommend running Ubuntu on the Sony Vaio models,until Ubuntu or Sony can address the major issues. If you do run it, at least you know the hacks / work around’s to fix it. It is very unfortunate that the drivers are not compatible and I do not blame Ubuntu for this.Sony is notorious for having it’s own set of drivers that use proprietary software which is not available on Ubuntu …i been reading all across the web about all the compatibility issues with any kind of Linux / Ubunu OS with Sony laptops…
I will keep trying until i can get my mom PC working back again but clearly without W OS.
i do have another PC (an old HP compaq nc 6400 ) which i really loves,i did talk to HP tech support and the guy told me that this HP PC can use Ubuntu Mate OS because the drivers works fine with the PC,which makes me feel really happy :joy:
Another reason to avoid $ony /micro$oft next time is that i told them about the issue with the PC and they want me to buy the W 8 OS CD’s …
I hope in a short time buy Entroware PC’S;for my mom,for me,to recommend Entroware to friends & family,start to buy T-shirts,stickers,donate and everything related to Ubuntu :heart_eyes:
Thanks to @marfig @ele @maro @ouroumov @anon42388993 @tiox and all the guys that tried to help me solve the issues !!! :ok_hand: