"Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!"

###Excuse me, what?
What is wrong with discourse? It gives all forum threads a unique numeric identifier anyway so why when clicking on a shorthand link in a forum thread does it play up like that?

You mean something like that?


I haven’t had problems with those. :o

Edit: actually weirdly it works in the address bar but not when auto-linked by the forum.

I haven’t seen this behaviour… but @ouroumov’s link when clicked here takes me to Access Denied “Something went wrong”, but it’s OK from the address bar. :thinking:

It could well be a Discourse bug.

I think it is. Also when I click with middle button (to open in a new tab) it works but not when I click with left button.

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I believe I get access to that strange error I was having when linking to a specific post (t/thread/post)

Discourse shouldn’t be expecting the ID (i.e. sorry-you-dont-have-access-to-that-topic) if all posts already have a unique numeric identifier to them. https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/9300 should work. “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” should work. Replacing 1 with anything so long it’s a post in that topic should work.

It’s as bothersome as those websites that force you to use the article name in the URL bar because the site admin was too dumb to include a means of shortlinking topics. That kind of BS was why URL shorteners were created in the first place.

The topic ID is in the URL, so Discourse pretty much makes use of a pretty URL, topic title doesn’t matter:

It might be worth reporting this on Discourse Meta if it hasn’t been raised already.