Stacked Monitors


So my current setup is my Laptop with a monitor above it instead of to the side, connected via DP. This doesseem to work in Mate. But any window on my lower display the header bar ends up behind the mate panel... If I move the panel to the bottom, many of the shortcuts seem to break, including pressing super to get to the menu.



@TimApple I would like to help you out because I have this setup: Laptop 15" below my 23" monitor. I'm not having issues with windows displaying or panel issues.

  • Could you tell me if you are using a specific MATE Tweak layout, so I could test it on my system?
  • Can you move the offending window using "ALT" + Mouse Button to grab and move the window so the top bar is not behind a panel, then close program, reopen the program and does it appear in the same place when you closed it?
  • How did you move the panel so that "super" Brisk menu no longer works? (Did you use MATE Tweaks or manual?)
  • Can you include a screen shot to help me understand what I need to test?


This issue is well known, everyone is having it.
It has been discussed here and there is an issue on GitHub. I will put the link when I am back to my computer.
My workaround is to have the panel at the bottom.


The issue is actually a flaw in the freedesktop spec. We've tried working with them to fix the spec, but so far have not gotten anywhere.

I've done some workarounds (Fedora uses them, not Ubuntu), but I don't want to merge them, since they are ugly hacks.


I didn't realize this was such a well known issue. Because of issues I have with the window manager not correctly identifying the settings for my external monitor, I have a startup script that runs a series of xrandr commands that corrects the settings and then makes the external monitor (the one above the laptop) the primary monitor. It sounds like @TimApple might be having his issues with the laptop screen being the primary monitor.

With the external monitor as the primary, I have no Mate panels that appear on the lower laptop screen using the default "Familiar" layout which had a panel on the top and a panel on the bottom. I have removed the panel from the bottom of the primary monitor because I often found that programs would open and the bottom of their windows would be hidden behind that panel. Perhaps that issue is caused by this same freedesktop spec issue. With just one panel at the top of the external monitor I haven't had any issues using the super key to open Brisk menu or any other strange behaviors.


Yes, sounds like it.

The spec doesn't account for panel "struts" in the space where two monitors join. The hack involves making the window manager think that the top panel in the lower monitor really is a very narrow left-side panel that extends all the way to the right side of the screen (and pivot that for side-by-side monitors).

It works for most cases (again, Fedora has been using it successfully since F29, although there are a few reported bugs), but there are some scenarios, like off-centered monitors, that really borks things...

It's definitely on my list of things to tackle before 19.10 freezes, but requires a few off-spec changes to both marco and mate-panel.


If I can help with testing before 19.10 let me know. I can do a fresh install of a daily build on an extra partition on that machine which has the external monitor setup, and keep my daily driver install of 19.04 on the same machine.