Status Bar Icons not changing

Hi fellows,

I am new on Mate after having used several other DE for a few years.
I just changed the original Ambiant-theme by the very nice Flat Remix but I cannot get the status bar icons to change.
I took a look at this without recognizing any kind of useful information for my problem:

Do you guys already encountered this issue? Do you have a work around?

Thanks : )

(by the way I could not post an image of my desktop as it is my first post!).

Hello, welcome! :slight_smile: While I haven't used the theme before, there could be a chance there are no icons for the indicators (status bar), and as a result, nothing would change. There is a way to inherit other themes so there can be icons for any missing elements:

  1. Open up the index.theme in the text editor as root for this theme - found in /usr/share/icons/
  2. Find the line that reads "Inherits", here's Ambiant-MATE as an example:

[Icon Theme]
Comment=Smooth modern theme designed to be intuitive.

Try adding gnome and/or hicolor to the end, as these contain a default set of icons. Alternately, you could choose another theme like ubuntu-mono-dark.

Changes should take effect immediately after saving, but if not, you can log out then in again.