Status of Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for Raspberry Pi 3 B & B+?



I looked at it, first tried the ubuntu image, didnt work, then copied the files from XUBUNTU - it booted

didnt knew the password was ubuntu, took a few tries.

Desktop booted, after a brief BLANK/BALCK Screen - then the top/bottom panels were BLANK and never loaded any panels.

sudo raspi-config works, but didnt do some of the options I tried to change, Enable SSH, VNC and setting WIFI through it.

Right clicked on TOP bar, got the context menu, ADDED panels, Main menu and Network - WiFi worked, connected to network.

But now moving back to Pi 3B and Mate 16.04 - as I need to run ROS… :frowning:

Can check more and test more if you have some specific things to check.


can I ask if there will be an official release iso, one that installs, operates just the same as that for 16.04

for 18.04, raspberry pi model b

before 16.04 runs out of support (april)


According to the Arch Wiki, you can blacklist kernel modules. This means you could blacklist the experimental VC4 driver kernel module and continue using the generic kernel and GRUB2. I may take a look when I have time. Since debootstrap is failing me, I’ll use a premade Ubuntu ARM64 filesystem instead.


I’ll probably ditch raspi3-firmware in future releases of my Ubuntu images and switch to using u-boot and the linux-raspi2 kernel.


Count me in on testing as well. Over the next week my Raspberry Pi Model 3B should arrive, and I can take it from there. Have a mouse and keyboard that work via USB and bluetooth audio I want to test with it.