Strange Behaviour of Trash

If I Click on my Trash icon, or right-click on it and select "Open Trash", a small box pops up with the message:
(null) does not exist.

Any idea why it does this, and how I can fix it?


Hi lar3ry,
I think you have somehow configured trash to open with shotwell. You must right-click, open with, and select CAJA. Hope it works.

Thanks for the response.
Unfortunately, when I right-click on the Trash icon (rightmost icon in the bottom bar), all I get is a box that has:
Open Trash
Empty Trash
Remove From Panel
Lock To Panel

Well, I fixed the problem. I just got around to using Shotwell, and discovered that I really can't stand it. So I just uninstalled it , purged, and then deleted the .cache/shotwell directory. Problem solved. I can once again restore stuff from the trash.