Strange behaviour with the MATE Panel?

Since upgrading from 15.04 → 15.10, a good few hours being logged on and occasionally sleeping the computer when I'm away for long periods, mate-panel randomly becomes completely unresponsive.

By that, I mean the window switcher at the bottom and the main menu at the top ("Applications, Places, System") do not respond -- some indicators still work, and I can still open the waste basket.

Restarting the panel via ALT+F2 didn't help, some areas of the panel go white.

mate-panel --replace

I thought, maybe Compiz is playing up again? Does it work again under Marco?

compiz --replace
marco --replace

Nope! The only way for the panel to work again is by logging out, then in again.

There's also a slight bug with drawers too, quite often, they expand all the way down the screen. The way to "fix" that is by moving it to the opposite panel, then moving it back into its original place.

Has anyone else noticed any problems like this with mate-panel?

I have not seen this panel problem.

I have seen the drawer drop to the bottom of the screen. This same problem existed in 10.04 and looks to be a carryover from days passed.

Thanks for the reply, looks like we’ve got a regression for the drawer problem. :frowning:

I’ll keep an eye out if the “unresponsive” glitch happens again, I’ll take some screenshots… I can’t figure out why it would behave like this or how to reproduce it.

I haven’t had the issue myself but I will keep you posted if it comes up.

Well, it seems like this issue hasn’t occurred in the past 10 days, must of been a fluke. :confused:

I have not seen the drawer drop to the bottom in 10 days either.

Ah, I meant the former behaviour in the first post – where the panel would become unresponsive until re-logging back in. The drawer still occasionally pulls too far out.

I should of knocked on wood, the drawer just dropped.