Subtle Marco Compositor Bug

Here's a subtle and obscure buglet in Ubuntu MATE 22.04. It was present in development versions since March. When using the Marco window manager with its built-in compositor enabled, a strange graphical glitch appears. So far I have only observed this with browsers (Firefox (deb, tar.gz, or snap, makes no difference), Chrome, and Brave. Also Thunderbird. So here it is:

With the FF or TB window maximized, the bottom boundary of the window title bar is glitched - sort of broken up in a couple of places, sometimes more and sometimes less. When the program is windowed, that glitch goes away. You might not see this upon first launching the program - just toggle from windowed to maximized. It does not happen with Marco's compositing turned off. (I would just leave it off except then the tool tips for the Plank Dock are solid black).

Fully updated Ubuntu MATE 22.04 as of noon EDT (US East coast) on May 16.
Marco is 1.26.0-3ubuntu1
Graphics are Intel HD Graphics 630

Can anyone else duplicate this?