Suggestion for the website's home page: Customization Screenshot Gallery


On the home page of the website there’s a small screenshot gallery.

Of the 7 images, only three actually show what the desktop is like, and those three all use the standard theme.

One of the things I like the most about Ubuntu MATE is the extent to which customization is possible, and sure enough we have a rather full “Screenshots” section here on this forum.

But who reads forums amiright?

Proposal: A secondary gallery on that front page (a link to the gallery would be fine if overloading the page is a no-no) that is fed from the various community-contributed screenshots on the forum!

That way prospective recruits could take a look and go like “wow this looks nice!”



I think that a link to our Multimedia Showcase is a wonderful Idea.

Scanning your post @ouroumov quickly I mis-read amiright? and thought at midnight. :confused:


I don’t usually bump for the sake of it, but…

@Wimpy, @lah7: any chance for a gallery? :]


Go and change a background on Ubuntu MATE 16.04, near the bottom of the Backgrounds tabs there is a link which says something link “Get more backgrounds”, click that. Where does it take you? :wink:


@Wimpy, @ouroumov most likely means a gallery on the website that showcases everyone’s desktop to show the different looks & feels of Ubuntu MATE. It would be good advertising. :wink:

It’s like when Android say “Be together, but not the same.” :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s what I meant. ^^