Support for Cursors With Multiple Sizes?

The Pointer Tab in Appearance Preferences > Theme > Customize has a slider at the bottom to adjust the size. Cursors like redglass, whiteglass, DMZ-White, and DMZ-Black were all adjustable with 3 or 4 sizes by using this slider in old Ubuntus (like 8.04 or 10.04). But this slider is not working in Ubuntu MATE. Is this feature not implemented, or is it a bug?

Some added comments on when they won’t resize (this is a special case), and how to get them to resize. Based on some trials and observations.

The inability to resize the cursor only happens if your current cursor is NOT resizable and you then choose a resizable one. On first selecting the new cursor, you notice the resize slider is greyed out. To get the resize slider working, you need to then close all appearance settings windows except the Control Center. Then reopen the Appearance, and Customize Windows, and the slider is now active. You can now resize the cursor.

If your current cursor IS resizable, you can open the dialog and the resizing slider will be active. You would never suspect anything is wrong.

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Nice work diagnosing that :slight_smile:

Please can you raise this as an issue of the upstream tracker?