Support & Help request : raspberry pi 3 b+


Hi all,

I bought raspberry pi 3 b+ and installed Ubuntu mate 16.04.02. But os is not booting in Rpi 3B+. Could you please tell me when working version of Ubuntu mate for Rpi 3B+ will be available.



18.04 which will support the pi 3 b + is planned to be released around Christmas as far as I know


So I guess that NOW, since it is past Christmas, it should be released as you said, however its not? How come?


So until then, what would be the way to get it on pi 3 b+?


I have had good luck with installing 16.04 on my Pi 3B+ (takes a little tweaking - there are many posts how to do this) and then executing sudo do-release-upgrade from the 16.04 installation. Be aware that this will take CONSIDERABLE time - an hour or more.