System freezes/stucks from time to time


I installed ubuntu mate 14.04.1 on Dell Latitude E7250. Sometimes I found the cursor froze (and the sound stucks) for several seconds when I moved the mouse or the touchpad. The freezing becomes more frequent when watching youtube videos. Compiz was disabled under System->Preferences->Mate Tweak->Windows->Window Manager.

Any idea? Thanks.

I have had this as well on a Dell Latitude E5440 (all-Intel inside), under both Marco and Compiz. There is nothing (obviously related to this) in logs, although a lot of failure messages (99.9% of which are probably meaningless - the problem is finding the 0.1% which might help).

Edit: one just happened. An oddity is that the freezing is not absolute - moving the mouse pointer over links on Web pages highlights them (although they can’t be selected).

My cursor and keyboard freeze for no apparent reason at random times but in clusters of failures (nothing short of a reboot will get things moving again) and then will go a whole day without a problem…I switched from Nviidia graphics to Intel via Nvidia X Server Settings and so far, so good…

Thanks, Twowings. But I didn’t find the Nvidia X Server Settings. It’s neither in the Preference nor the Administration under Systems.

I noticed my laptop came with Broadwell-U Integrated Graphics (vendor: Intel Corporation).

They have now stopped - none for 4 days, where I was getting 1 or 2 a day previously. I will not speculate why :scream: