System Sounds are Silent

After installing Ubuntu MATE DE on my Ubuntu 22.04 the system sounds are no longer working. Of note is that they were working after the installation, but stopped working a bit later. So... Even tough I didn't do anything with the sound, it's quite obvious that something I've done has silenced them. I use the Ubuntu system scheme and the sound files exist, I believe in /usr/share/sounds. The login sound does play when logging in and the lightdm login window plays the drums when that screen loads. Any applications that use sound work just fine. I checked the dconf and that is set to play 'ubuntu' system sounds. Note: Yaru also doesn't produce any sounds. The sounds are not muted. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Maybe not relevant to 22.04, but in 20.04 sometimes my Dell desktop sound would stop. When I looked at the Output tab in Sound Settings (aka Sound Preferences) it said Dummy Output. The only way I was able to get sound back on was reboot. Dummy mode would happen randomly, so probably not relevant to your issue but you could check that setting and it might give you a direction to pursue.

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Thanks @JohnW in my case all sounds work except for the system sounds, like warning when permanently deleting a file for example, and by the way, what you describe happened several times to me with regular Ubuntu 20.04.

solved after doing a fresh install of UM