Tab like window title bars

Years ago I used KDE on SuSE 9.3. My favorite window decoration was BII. It made each window title bar only as wide as the title plus the minimize, maximize, and exit buttons. It is very productive to use since windows can be placed on top of each other and lined up so just the title bars are visible like tabs. Just click the title bar and that window pops to the top of the stack. It is efficient for apps that have many windows. How much effort and cost would it take to bring this as an option to MATE? As a patreon member I could donate extra toward this if it is feasible and of interest.

Hi Dow,

Can you show a screenshot of how this looked like on KDE?


From what you are describing, fluxbox window manager might be the way to go. It has the ability to have unrelated windows tabbed and grouped together which I think, is a really nice feature that you don’t see to often.

Here’s the wiki and a nice review of it here. I’ve tried it a bit and like it, but I prefer Openbox.

Each to thier own .

Here is an example and starting point. I’ve been busy with work and couldn’t reply sooner.

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After looking at the MATE 17.10 changes and visuals, it sure looks like the panel layouts are getting a lot of attention and love. What would it take moneywise and timewise to implement a panel layout that included BeeToo tabbed window title bars as shown in the BeeToo image I posted previously? Any interest in this? I sure appreciated the usefulness of this when I had it in suse 9.3 years ago. I prefer using MATE and don’t want to use a different desktop like KDE.

It's an interesting style of window border. But it's not possible to use or port to kde anymore judging from this post:

This style of window border wouldn't be feasible using the GTK theme engine either, and it's unlikely this distribution would ship with another window manager pre-installed. As @corstar suggested I think your best bet would be to try another window manager such as openbox or a tiling window manager.

If you downgrade Compiz and your machine can handle it, there is a tab and group function you can configure through ccsm.

I would argue (after having tried) this is easier to do in xubuntu, but even in Ubuntu MATE you have the option of removing the installed version.