Tags for different desktop environments?



How about a mate tag for discussing specific issues related to the MATE desktop environment? Or is the desktop tag intended for that? Since most things in Ubuntu MATE are about MATE, why not have a specific tag for it?


Yes, the “desktop” tag is the one to use. No need for a specific Mate tag as just about everything here is mate related.


Okay, I thought since there are already tags for different window managers such as marco, compton, and compiz, why not have tags related to different desktop environments.

I know everything here is primarily about mate, but many people might be interested in some issues related to unity and gnome, and KDE dependencies are frequently an issue.

I found it extremely helpful to look for new topics by clicking on tags and this would neatly bring it together. My suggestion is to replace the ubiquitous desktop tag with mate and to offer a few other tags alongside it to discuss issues related to different desktop environments. This would also reveal the extent to which Ubuntu MATE users are interested in discussing other desktop environments and perhaps make transition to MATE easier.

Likewise, I think, changing the existing apple tag to mac and introducing a new windows tag can assist users coming from these particular environments.

Suggestions for new tags:
mate (change from desktop)
mac (change from apple)


There are 40 threads tagged “desktop”. I don’t see any conflict going on.

Unity,gnome,xfce,kde and windows are all part of our “uncategorized” forum and tags should be used for support forums. A forum search shows that there is little or nothing thats needs such tagging. Creating new tags add to the complexity of choices is not effective if they are dormant. I say the need does not exist.


I agree with @v3xx, new tags do not seem necessary at the moment.

Also, the #apple tag covers Apple hardware in general (like iPhone compatibility), not just Mac.


Okay, I agree that gnome, xfce and kde may not be necessary at the moment, but I do see the need for a #windows and #unity tag.

I think a #mac tag would be better because there already is a hardware sub-category and a #smartphone tag which can be used to cross-reference a new help request. I think tags can be used more effectively if they are precise and used to cross-reference a topic.