Terminating session

I'm using brave on Ubuntu and suddenly my session is disconnected, a black screen appears with a - in the upper left corner of it blinking and then the login screen appears asking for my password. I enter the password and go back to a brand new session, with all the programs I was using closed. How can I resolve this.

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It will take more info to begin to help you through this.
Is this Ubuntu-MATE?
What version?
Are you using the standard window manager?
Has anything else been installed from other than the standard repositories?
Did it start suddenly, or after recent updates?
Does it happen only doing a certain thing on Brave? Is it reproducible?

If you look in the /var/crash directory, you should see some files. The names usually indicate exactly which piece of software crashed, and some of the contents of the file may give a clue as to why.

If there are multiple files, you may need to delete them, and wait until it happens again, then look at the newly created one.


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Hi Charles! Unfortunately I need the computer running fast for work and I had to uninstall ubuntu mate. The problem was recurring and with other applications, but now I don't have it as my computer system anymore. Thank you for your help.