Thank you for the great distro!



After 6 mounts of testing distros for my Optimus laptop I have finally found one: Ubuntu MATE.

I really would like to give a big Thank to all Devs.

With some tweaks and learning this is the only distro that works for my needs and didn't make me think to reboot to win8.1.

Thank very you much again!

PS: With nvidia 396.54 it boots way faster


Good choice; mine too. I did have one frustrating issue to deal with and with the help of a poster got it solved. I couldn’t stop my laptop keyboard lights from coming on. As for boots; from the start of the OS chioce it takes 12 seconds. Windows 10 is struggling to boot in under five minutes. I very seldom venture into Windows any more.


The same here. My Windows 8 was outdated, and I tested all kinds of distros for 9 months. When I heard of UM, I tested it, and knew I had found it. No issue at all, everything works great, and has got everything what I need. Never had a moment of doubt since then. I don’t miss Windows at all.