The purpose of self improvement

This is a philosophical issue, nonetheless: what is the purpose of self improvement? In my view, there is only one: perfection, as a human being. That is tricky. There is perfection of life itself, but does it equal - being a perfect human? What does it mean, to be a perfect human?

Now, what does it have to do with Linux and the world of computer science? Oftentimes, one would hear that bleeding-edge developers of technology, may use means of cognitive enhancement, in order to create better, more diverse, more original and simply more brilliant products. That is the key problem - the notion of products.

When it comes to my opinion, any self improvement or enhancement, ought to pave way to one thing, which is: to obtain perfection as a human being. Sometimes, obtaining perfection would require you to quit what you do, in order to achieve a view from the outside - a phenomenological perspective. Sometimes, it would require you to drop what you do entirely, in order to make space for natural sunlight, to bring more clarity into your noetic world. How can you create orderly things if there is chaos in your midst? Funny though, that is not what Nietzsche has said, referring to a dancing star.

My first and last question, is simple: if you are attempting to improve yourself without the purpose of personally global perfection - then what are you doing? How much is your time worth?

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