The start splash logo and the dots


Just wondering if there was a way (or could it be done) that the dots that sit under the mate logo on the splash screen could ‘go the other way’ on a shutdown?

Sometimes my machine takes an inordinately long time to start and/or shutdown. During this time (especially if i have to reboot) i frequently walk away from my desk - but then when I come back (or glance in from the door) as the dots ‘run the same way’ when booting/shutting-down I don’t know where it’s upto.

PERHAPS something could be done that on startup dots run left to right as they do now, but on shutdown they run right to left or even a different colour (red ?)


It would be technically possible, plymouth is the package that handles the splash screen. I’m sure elementaryOS (another Ubuntu-based distro) have their logo fading in on start-up, and fading out on shut-down. The graphics and scripts are in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ if someone wants to have a look at it.

I have some loose thoughts of imagining that screen being re-designed in future, matching more of Ubuntu MATE’s “triangle” feel. :thinking: I do prefer the old text-version from around 15.04 though.

I don’t actually get to see the splash screen, mostly due to the NVIDIA driver, so the inner workings appear instead. Press ESC on your next startup/shutdown and you’ll see what it’s up to. Betcha it’s along the lines of A stop job is running for user 1000.