The ubuntu-software-property is not convenient for Livepatch

Hey guys!

We say that one picture is worth 1000 words, so here it is:

I have resolved the issue with:

sudo apt install gnome-online-accounts
sudo snap install canonical-livepatch
sudo canonical-livepatch enable <your token>

You can get a token here:

I am an experienced Linux user. I just arrived from Gentoo. So I know my way around :wink:.

But I thought about the average user that just want to give Linux a shot. That is not good to retain beginner user that want to get something quick.

The Terminal is a scary thing for a beginner. We've all been there! So I was wondering who was responsible for this software so I can perhaps raise a bug or fix it myself! If required, we can have a discussion about the implication, cause I saw that it isn't taken care of by the Ubuntu MATE Team!

Thanks guys!


Welcome to forums @JeffLabonte. Glad you finally made it here :grin:

There is a bug existing for this.

Please comment and click on the "this effects me" button. Hopefully we can generate some additional "heat" on this.


I am glad as well to be here!

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