Theme problem OS

Hello ; I wanted to install the theme macbuntu to have a design ios :slight_smile: However there is only one theme of the pack that appears. In addition to that, it does not work and tell me “need the theme to be installed”. On the other desktop environment there are no worries. Mate seems to be a problem…

Hi @Anthony_CHAHAT, which version of Ubuntu MATE are you using?

Hello ; 17.10.1 artful :slight_smile:

This sounds like it could be missing the meta-theme (it tells what pieces of the theme go together). Have you tried pressing the "Customize" button? The you can try setting the Controls (GTK toolkit), Windows Border, Icons, and Pointer themes separately.

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What is full name of theme that your are trying to apply? Is it GTK2- or GTK3-based, do you know?
How did you get it before (from repository or manually)?

You may want to participate in the poll in neighbor topic.


I do not know … I used this: ;

on other office environment no worries … only mate!

@elcste It helps me but I would like to make the theme work in its entirety. It is still missing options … I am only a theme that appears; while there are several, as said above, moreover it is totally bug