Theming question

I usually use Ambiant-MATE-orange for controls, because I just like Caja to be themed light colors. I was playing with themes for my panel wallpapers and decided to go dark instead of transparent in order to get more of a consistent theming in the panels and those applets I changed to Yaru-dark so the selection colors match the panels. This worked out splendidly. I love the consistency.

The problem is with Caja again...I feel like the dark controls there make it blend all together there.

Is there a way to set something in a file somewhere to tell the system that it should use Yaru-dark everywhere, except Caja?

I tried that and it doesn't seem to be working. Left a question on the linked thread to confirm that recent changes in how the system is themed and how GTK3 works hasn't invalidated it.

Thanks for the reply.