Thinking about distro stuff in internet

Hey guys, after years of not using Linux for personal purposes i came back to Ubuntu MATE.
I was surfing the net when I realized that (although UM is very known among Linux experienced users) the distro itself is not very 'visible' on the web.
For example, there are tons of very pretty wallpapers with the UM distro logo if you know where to search, but there are none of them in wide known wallpaper websites. To make the example more specific, if you google wallpapers, and pick one of the first page sites, you wont find Ubuntu MATE contents there.

How else are we supposed to keep the riff raff out? Next thing we know a bunch of arch users will be wanting to change to MATE and not have the aptitude.
Mate works well for business use, so the stuff you are talking about is not really going to be high on the feature list.

I know what you say, this is not a very important thing for developers. It's much more a marketing thing.
However, If i understood, you want no newcomers... and I fully disagree keeping newcomers out.