Thoughts on grub boot menu and calendar on panel

is this a bug,or just my laptop is too slow?

the black blank on the menu keeps about 4 seconds on the screen and I hope it is not a bug.

the second feedback is the date calendar on the panel , I think maybe is better when click somewhere else the calendar can rebound back,now it need second click on the widget

I was curious about this wiping effect too. The full screen gets wiped
twice and then this narrower one slide up.

When I installed my UM I had an old 3:4 screen (my previous main station
still had the better monitor) and I thought this may have been a
hangover from the smaller screen dimensions.

It does appear incongruous. On my MacBookPro UM installation there is
no grub menu at all. It looks a lot slicker!! Any ideas???


Hi all,

this thread is also talking about the same thing (more or less):

I suggest taking a look at grub in console mode. You may never go back. :slight_smile:

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