Thunderbird and Google Calendar sync

Anyone else having a problem getting Thunderbird [38.7.2] and Lightening [] to synchronize with an existing Google Calendar. One way only transfer worked from web based Google Calendar to TBird. I may have been too aggressive with my approach. I purged Thunderbird and deleted .thunderbird

I’ve reinstalled and now waiting for all the mail from Gmail imap to populate which might take a while.

I’m hoping I have a strategy prior to adding Google calendar provider and Lightening.

My Google Calendar is now fully synchronized

Thunderbird <-> Web <-> iPhone 5s

Settings in Thunderbird

Using the web for instructions caused me some grief in my initial efforts. Mozilla sites suggest downloading the addons from the web and subsequently installing from the downloaded file. The result is the newest addon which BTW is incompatible with Thunderbird version 38.7.2.

To insure the most current compatible version use the addons manager in Thunderbird

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