Tilda configuration- Not 'loving' it!

Some people (it appears) love tilda. I would like to be rid of it. I tried to un-install it through synaptic, but received a notation that to do so would un-install mate, which I don’t want to do.

I use F11 to go fullscreen, but Pre-configured Tilda confiscates it, and then doesnt even give me the option of toggling out of it, or a control bar above to minimize or turn it off. Talk about counter - intuitive!

someone said that it’s config file was at hpme/.tilda. it wasn’t.
finally I did a search using mlocate, and discovered that it was at home/.config/tilda.

I commented it out with #. I might someday explore it’s usefulness, but as it was set up it was not at all acceptable.


Well, I also discovered Tilda while going to fullscreen in Firefox.

Tilda is a great terminal emulator but never mind everything is a personal preference. Tilda's shortcuts can be changed by going to preferences (right click for that on the Tilda emulator).

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I don’t happen to like Tilda myself and use Guake instead. However, Tilda is absolutely tiny. Just go to system/preferences/personal/start-up applications and deselect it from the list. It will never auto-load again. Then install Guake if you want. Or, don’t use a drop down terminal at all.

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Tilda was the first thing I got rid of. CTRL+ALT+T is a long-time shortcut to open the plain ol' terminal.

F12 can be freed for other uses -- like taking screenshots (Steam), or opening web browser developer tools. If anything, I think Tilda is what scares unsuspecting new users... "what on earth is this?!" :confounded:

Sorry Tilda...


Personally, I love the drop down terminal. Just not Tilda.

I like Tilda. A lot. Really.
A drop-down terminal is sooo useful.

I think including Tilda in the default settings was a great idea.

I did run foul of one of its features right at the begining - newbies beware of this:
{This applies to my Ubuntu-Mate installation running on a MacbookPro 6.2, it doesn’t happen on my desktop rig}
IF you press F12 to activate Tilda on the top half of your monitor THEN you can only use F12 again to remove Tilda WHEN the mouse cursor is NOT in the Tilda screen (i.e. move your mouse cursor to the bottom half of the monitor, out of the Tilda screen).
Also for newbies - if you’ve opened Tilda with F12, but then want to use the whole screen for Tilda - just press F11. When Tilda is already open F11 toggles between half-monitor and full monitor screens.

Mr. W, thankyou for introducing me to Tilda.


Really, really hate this thing getting in my way. What’s so wrong with CTRL + Alt + T? Simples! More and more junk we don’t need

Then remove or disable it, simple enough.

Don’t be so silly. Go to start-up applications and un-check Tilda. Or, type sudo apt-get remove tilda in a terminal if you want it completely removed from your system