Top panel bug in mutiny

I have installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04.3 on a Lenovo S145. I changed the interface to the Mutiny option with MATE tweak because I really enjoy how it looks like. However, everytime I close an application, caja for example, it remains in the top panel as you can see in the image below

EDIT: The compositor I use is Marco. I tried Compiz, what solved the bug I am reporting here, but also started many other problems.

This image shows what happens to the top panel after I close caja. The directories shortcuts disappear and it looks like caja still opened. If the window is minimized, the problem does not occur.

I searched for a similiar problem and a solution, but I couldn't find.

Does anyone can help me?

Hi Fabio,

If you are using Marco as the window manager (check MATE Tweak) try changing it to Compiz and see if this solves the issue for you.

Changing Marco to Compiz solved the bug I reported, but many other problems appeared. Any other suggestion??

Thanks anyway

You can try 19.10 in a virtual machine... I'm not sure if all the fixes are backported to 18.04. Or wait for 20.04...
I'm running 19.10 with Compiz and works fine for me.

I saw in19.10 that Marco doesn't notify the panels in the same way as Compiz. If you open a maximized window, the window controls do not appear in the panel. That's why I suggested you try Compiz.

I am gonna wait for the 20.04 version, this bug is not something really big, just annoying sometimes.

The problem with compiz is that when I changed the compositor to Compiz, my interface became a mess. Windows panels disappeared, icons started to blink, everything was slower to open....

Thank you for your time!

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