TorBrowser-Launcher broken?

It seems my TorBrowser disappeared, after starting the TorBrowser-Launcher it is unable to check the certificate after downloading. I think I saw it hanging on starting GPG2 or PGP2.

Anyone else have this problem ?

I download from here and extract .tar.gz file on folder.
Then open folder and drug the tor icon to panel.
That's all.

there seems to be a problem with torbrowser-launcher Package. for the time being i have changed the shortcut path it points towards. This solution seems to be working for me.

step 1

  • goto system > preferences > look and feel > Main Menu to open main menu editor.
  • select internet sub section under application section.
  • select tor browser in middle and select properties from right hand side.
  • in the dialog box that opens clear the command section.

step 2

  • open your /home/ folder press ctrl + h
  • a lot of hidden folder will open. goto .local > share > torbrowser > tbb > x86_64 > Tor-browser_en-US
  • right click on Tor Browser application in the folder and select properties.
  • Select the text in command section and copy.

Step 3

  • Go to the dialog box left open in step 1 and paste in command section.

Now your tor browser will open just fine.

Thanks people :smiley: