Touchpad/keyboard irratic/unusable 20.04

I started a topic on this same problem last month and Wolfman tried to help, but the problem persists. Laptop keypad and usb mouse won’t respond to actions correctly. Cursor tracks fine. Search fields auto enter a seemingly random sequence asd:47kl=[
Screen fills with calculators. I ditched Windows thinking I would be fine running Ubuntu and now I’m wishing I hadn’t. Are there logs that will give me a clue?
They call me Griff

Hey :slight_smile:
Can you share some screenshots or a screencast ?
We will do our best to help :slight_smile:

Gee whiz! Ubuntu 20.04 (sorry, Ubuntu MATE 20.04) is starting to sound a lot like Ubuntu MATE 16.04 -- I remember that release was buggy. And this is an LTS too. I'm surprised these bugs slip into LTS releases. OK, nobody's perfect; but I thought LTS releases in the past were pretty stable? I've used all LTS versions of Ubuntu starting with 8.04 and have never had a hitch except 16.04.

Not at all personal -- just matter-of-fact. I'm surprised.