Touchpad sensitivity


Hi guys,

Running a laptop with a Synaptics touchpad. For some reason, libinput under Mate isn’t as precise as it is in Gnome, Budgie or Cinnamon.

OOTB in Mate the touchpad action feels jerky and overly sensitive. In settings, both sliders are already at minimum. Adjusting those has some effect, but it always feels like the touchpad is more imprecise. Whereas, in the Gnome stack the touchpad always “feels” in control and adjustments in the settings feels more prevelent.

Any input is appreciated.



Try installing the proper Synaptics drivers

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

followed by a reboot. I’ve learned to truly despise libinput…


I’m curious – did you try these desktops on the same Ubuntu version? Libinput has been improving rapidly, so different versions can act differently.


Yes, all Ubuntu 18.04 versions of Gnome, Budgie and Mint Cinnamon.

Libinput is absolutely great in those spins.

Where libinput has been less than spectacular is Ubuntu Mate and Kubuntu 18.04’s.


Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try that the next time I log into a Mate machine.