Trying to use Comtrol Devicemaster RTS serial port server

I’m not sure this is the place for this or if anyone can help. Running MATE on my Pi2 and trying to use this device .
The driver is

I get up to the make command and get : make[1]: *** SUBDIRS=/usr/src/devicemaster-linux-7.11: No such file or directory. Stop.

I know the directory exists.
I have been successfully using the device with another linux computer running 14.04 trusty. Very new to linux but love MATE on my Pi.
Anyone have time to take a look at this and teach me what i am doing wrong?

The Linux Kernel provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation (what Ubuntu MATE 15.10 uses) is delivered as a binary. It is not possible, without some serious hackery, to compile your own kernel modules :frowning:

Well, I guess that’s the answer then. Too bad though as the pi could really be put to serious work if it could use these devicemasters. imagine 32 comports on a pi… Thanks for looking into it.

Well, a quick update here on the rare chance someone else tries to use this device. The device firmware also offers a TCP connection to any port it has, so I used socat to make a pseudo tty port and linked it to the ip of device and port I wanted to connect to… pretty slick unit .
This is what the socat command looks like.
socat pty,link=/dev/tncx,echo=1 tcp:192.168.XXX:8002