Trying wayland by default again

Saw this being discussed in the Linux section of Reddit. Wondered if there had been any progress toward Wayland since it is going to be an expected default by the 21.04 release. I do know of the snap to install Mate-on-Wayland but I know that's not an official release, just an unofficial prototype.

January 28, 2021, 3:07pm

In the Ubuntu 17.10 cycle we tried wayland as the default session but we didn’t feel confident at the time it was ready yet for a LTS. Things improved since, some of the blockers we found back then got resolved (desktop sharing), and that’s where the upstream focus is going. We believe now is the right time to try again, it should give us enough time before the next LTS to get proper feedback and sort out issues.

Since we decided to not upgrade our GNOME version this cycle it should also make things a bit easier. Note that nvidia users are still going to default to xorg for now but hopefully that situation will be resolved before the LTS.

We will keep this topic updated as needed, as usual community feedback is welcome and bugs are best reported on launchpad.

I am also caring about if Mir is a dependency to run Mate on Wayland in future, because I am not using Ubuntu right now. The distribution I am using does not have Mir package, and I am not willing to install it from snap.

I tried the snap yesterday, following those news and it just froze my machine on Arctica Greeter once I tried to log in, even after a reboot.
Had to remove it from a tty.

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Using Wayland is just for Gnome afaik MATE will still have X as default, afaik the MATE Wayland session is still not even to alpha stage though it's slowly progressing

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It's on the roadmap. Don't know how many years from now it will land though.