Turning old laptop into virtual router

Hi all, I am trying to solve an issue with my household device security and wondered if anyone could help.

The router that was given to me by my internet provider doesn’t have the capability to use a VPN and I don’t like the idea of people snooping on my children when they’re online.

So instead of buying a new router I would like to use an old laptop like a WiFi hotspot with a VPN that i can connect my household devices to (hope that makes sense). I have installed the VPN but I’m not sure about the virtual router part.

Could anyone direct me to a good place to start?

I’m running Ubuntu Mate 15.10 currently.

Many thanks, Matt

Hi Matt. I know it’s been a few months since you posted your question. I have written a tutorial that provides instructions for turning that old laptop into a wireless access point. It looks like you have the VPN part under control. Here is a link to the tutorial: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/use-your-ubuntu-mate-16-04-laptop-as-a-wi-fi-hotspot/8430

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