Tutorial Megathread

#Introduction and intent
I’m creating this thread for tutorial authors to post their work. because of the 60-day edit limit, which is certainly far less than the ~240 days between Ubuntu releases, and because of a response about the issue, provided the 60-day limit is not lifted, I am providing this thread as a means to centralize and “Wikify” posts that are created with content that will be updated as versions of Ubuntu MATE are released.

###To admins
As a matter of fact, this post should be a wiki, as well. If it is not, then I will be rendered unable to edit this thread as I create more content over time. Not quite sure about other authors’ limitations; If it turns out other people cannot edit their content after 60 days, then this thread should ideally be removed for failing to achieve its purpose.

###To all others
Gather all the tuts you intend to continually update and make a new thread about it. If there’s a weird problem you’ve made a solution for, it may be easier for some people to just browse this thread to find a guide that may resolve their issue.

#Do not post tutorial requests in this thread.
Seriously, stop what you’re doing right now and just make another thread about what you need help with. Thanks!

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If it’s more than just a thread, is it twine? Anyway, as a shining example of what users should be doing when presenting their portfolio of work for this thread, here’s my stuff;

#Guides sure to be updated
These guides contain content that is extensive and important for the end-user experience.

###Use Pepper Flash in Firefox, as quickly as possible
Want Flash? Don’t want Chrome? Or maybe, you have Chrome but you want Chrome’s Flash plugin? Learn how to give Firefox for Linux the kick it needs to make Flash media usable.

Reason: Sources may change over time, and may be updated when Firefox stops accepting NPAPI plugins.

###Installing Compiz Reloaded, as quickly as possible
Want all the old stuff that made Compiz really awesome? This will assist you in gutting Compiz 0.9 entirely from your system so you can install a still=maintained older version supported by select MATE developers and Compiz enthusiasts.

Reason: Will be updated for new PPAs, relocated content or future dependency issues.

###Use Nemo instead of Caja
Prefer Nemo from the CInnamon desktop environment? This will teach you how to install Nemo, without much of CInnamon’s bloat. Also; How to make MATE Menu use Nemo (via xdg-open) and make Nemo’s bookmarks visible in GTK2 apps not updated to also use the new path Nemo uses.

Reason: Will be updated for new PPAs, relocated content or future dependency issues.

#Guides that may never be updated
These are guides that have information their sources or other posts can resolve without further editions of the OP. Included just because I can, really, though wikifying them should be of low priority.

###Enabling Silverlight in Firefox
Does an old website you use still rely on Silverlight? While the project is dead, support still exists until 2021, so if you encounter the one odd website that relies upon it, this thread will teach you how to enable that and use it as an NPAPI plugin.

Note: Requires a separate version of WINE, supplied from Pipelight’s repository.

###Add a corner-activated window picker for Marco
Want something like Compiz’s Scale plugin for Marco? This will teach you how to install Brightside and Skippy XD (normally used in XFCE) to add a Scale-like window picker that’s enabled by moving your mouse to a hot corner.

###How to use Compiz to always show some windows in a 3D desktop
A very ridiculous use of Compiz, but some people might be interested in having some windows always show when they’re playing with CCSM’s desktop cube and related plugins.

Note: Requires Compiz Reloaded (0.8) to be installed. Also should work with Expo plugin and related but Static Windows (any implementation) doesn’t play nice with Expo.

###How to ms-sys
MS-Sys is an awesome tool that lets you fix MBR issues on any Windows or Linux system without the need to use dd to replace the first 500 bytes of a media device. Nice if you removed GRUB but have no means to use fixmbr on a Windows repair disk or via Windows Recovery Console.

###Enabling user plugins for pluma and how to use with git
An example of how to use git for plugins that have constant revisions, using the Pluma plugin Split View 2 as an example.

###Facebook on Pidgin, as quickly as possible
If you don’t like Facebook Messenger for desktop, or want to use Facebook’s messaging servers with all the features of Pidgin and its plugins, then this guide’s for you.

###How to get the most from KDE cursors outside of KDE
The Oxygen cursor theme is awesome. What’s not awesome; Still needing to fix the cursors used for resizing windows. A rewrite from the Linux Mint forum several years (around the time of MATE 14 / 15 I believe) before I favoured Ubuntu MATE.

###How to make any terminal act like Tilda
Tilda is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have similar functionality with a terminal emulator you prefer? This guide teaches you how to do that.

Note: Requires Compiz (any version), since gDevilsPie doesn’t want to work in MATE anymore.

###Installing Powerline, as quickly as possible
Because some people really like their terminal to look fancy.

###Fireworkx for the 4th of July (or any occasion)
A simple tutorial that helps you install a modified version of XWinWrap to use the XScreensaver hack FireworkX as an animated desktop “Wallpaper”. Can apply to other XScreensaver hacks or programs.


Just recently, the option to turn your own post into a wiki has been set to anyone with trust level 1 (member) or greater. (Before, it was just Regulars who could do that)

I personally think that any tutorial or guide posted in the categories should be wiki by default, so anyone can improve and contribute if it’s out of date. Sadly, that option doesn’t exist yet. :frowning:

Another update: We're planning to switch the Tutorials & Guides into a wiki category, to help address this problem. :slight_smile:

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